Hi, my name is Mingyang Li

and I do Data Science.

A Software Engineer at YouTube Data Quality Team.

Here's my story...

I'm building internal tools for anomaly detection at YouTube. Before this, I earned my master's degree in Data Science from U of Penn. While at Penn, I worked at Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) as a research associate. There, I built pipelines for parsing SEC filings into sectionized plain text. In my master's thesis and several other publications, I compared people's perceptions of Emojis and (im-)politeness strategies across countries. These papers were completed under the World Well-Being Project (WWBP), Positive Psychology Center (PPC) of Penn.

Check out some of my projects and passions

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My Medium blog.
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Knowledge Base

My personal wiki.
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My GitHub profile.
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Research Papers

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