Hi, my name is Mingyang Li

and I do Data Science.

A grad student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Here's my story...

Started coding for contests and web-designing for fun at the age 14, Li found his way around with Python and JavaScript. Deeply influenced by minimalism, most of Li's work focus on providing an intuitive user experience by simplifying usually otherwise tedious operations. Studying Data Science at UPenn, Li now focuses on easy visualizations and computer simulations of scientific procedures. By the way, Li can also speak Mandarin and Japanese, is a common bookworm, and has a particular interest in South Asian culture.

Check out some of my projects and passions

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Links to my Medium blog.
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Links to my Instagram.
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Links to my GitHub profile.
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Links to my Facebook wall.
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Find you the relationship between any two concepts, as long as there's Wikipedia entries about them.
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A Molecular Dynamics simulator in your browser.
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Turn any GitHub repo into a blog with GitHub pages. No static-site generator needed!
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Consora (Old)

Mock-up of a console-based OS. Made in middle school age, not maintained.

Windows on Web

A Windows-style webpage that serves web-apps in a native-like experience.

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